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Taliban and U.S. Strike Deal to Withdraw American Troops From Afghanistan

After more than a year of talks, the agreement lays out the beginning of the end of the United States’ longest war. But many obstacles remain. World By Mujib Mashal from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: 800 New Cases Reported in South Korea

The country has the largest coronavirus outbreak outside of China, with a total of 3,150 cases. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

He Drove Her to the Hospital. She Gave Him the Coronavirus.

Taxi and bus drivers are on the forefront of the spread of the coronavirus in Asia, even as a tourism downturn hurts their business. World By Hannah Beech from NYT World

Iran Vice President Is One of 7 Officials to Contract Coronavirus

Masoumeh Ebtekar, President Hassan Rouhani’s deputy for women’s affairs and the highest-ranking woman in the government, was at least the seventh Iranian official to test positive. World By Farnaz Fassihi and Rick Gladstone from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: Second Unexplained Case Found in California, This Time in Santa Clara County

The World Health Organization said the virus, found in at least 56 countries so far, poses a “very high” global risk. But the White House accused the media of sowing fear to hurt President Trump. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: World Reaches ‘Decisive Point’ in Outbreak Fight, W.H.O. Says

More than a dozen countries recorded their first cases in the past 48 hours, as the W.H.O.’s director general said the outbreak had “pandemic potential.” World By Unknown Author from NYT World

Airstrike Hits Turkish Forces in Syria, Raising Fears of Escalation

The Turkish Army suffered mass casualties in the strike, officials said, an attack that could set off a direct conflict between Turkey and Russia. World By Carlotta Gall from NYT World

Japan Shocks Parents by Moving to Close All Schools Over Coronavirus

The country, unlike others, has not experienced a sharp increase in reported cases, but it is under pressure to act decisively to preserve the Tokyo Olympics. World By Motoko Rich, Ben Dooley and Makiko Inoue from NYT World

Most Coronavirus Cases Are Mild. That’s Good and Bad News.

More than 80 percent of confirmed coronavirus cases are not severe, according to a large Chinese study. But mild symptoms could also make the epidemic harder to contain. World By Vivian Wang from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: Potential New Paths of Transmission Put Global Authorities on Edge

Japan shutters all schools in an effort to combat the outbreak, becoming only the second country to make such a move, after China. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: Europe Threatened as Disease Spreads from Italy

Five European countries have reported cases linked to Italy, and an American soldier in Korea became the first U.S. serviceman to be infected. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

Coronavirus Stalls Milan, Italy’s Economic Engine

Milan is not a closed city, but it is a drastically slowed one, after a spike of cases in the region, raising anxiety about a broader slowdown. World By Jason Horowitz from NYT World

New Delhi Streets Turn Into Battleground During Trump’s Visit

As the president tours India’s capital, at least 11 people have been killed in communal clashes that have upended a working-class neighborhood. World By Jeffrey Gettleman, Suhasini Raj and Sameer Yasir from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: Spanish Hotel Is Latest Site of Possible Outbreak

An Italian doctor staying at a resort in the Canary Islands has tested positive for the virus. New outbreaks in Europe, Asia and the Middle East are renewing fears of a coming global pandemic. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

‘Recipe for a Massive Viral Outbreak’: Iran Emerges as a Worldwide Threat

Long a regional crossroads, Iran is spreading the new coronavirus to a host of neighboring countries. Many are ill equipped to cope. World By David D. Kirkpatrick, Farnaz Fassihi and Mujib Mashal from NYT World

Photos of Modi’s Big Party for Trump in India

“Namaste Trump,” the prime minister’s unabashed homage to the U.S. president, took over a 110,000-seat cricket stadium. World By The New York Times from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: Outbreaks Around the World Raise Fears of Pandemic

New cases in Bahrain and Afghanistan indicate a rapid spread. South Korea reported hundreds of new infections and Iran said at least 12 people there had died, the highest toll outside China. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

How a Neighbors’ Feud in Paradise Launched an International Rape Case

The fashion executive Peter Nygard has clashed for years with his neighbor in the Bahamas, the billionaire Louis Bacon. The latest development is a lawsuit saying Mr. Nygard sexually exploited teenage girls. World By Kim Barker, Catherine Porter and Grace Ashford from NYT World

Europe Confronts Coronavirus as Italy Battles an Eruption of Cases

The country announced more than 150 cases, many in the densely populated region around Milan, as officials closed schools and canceled Venice’s carnival celebrations. World By Jason Horowitz and Elisabetta Povoledo from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: South Korea’s Leader Raises Alert Level to Maximum

With more than 600 cases confirmed, President Moon Jae-in empowered the government to lock down cities and restrict travel, though he announced no specific measures. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

‘We’re in a Petri Dish’: How a Coronavirus Ravaged a Cruise Ship

More than three days passed before Japan imposed a quarantine. That delay and other missteps helped produce the largest outbreak of the virus beyond China. World By Motoko Rich from NYT World

With 4 Deaths in Iran and More Cases on 3 Continents, Fears of Coronavirus Pandemic Rise

Health officials called the surge in reported infections “very worrisome,” as cases soared in South Korea. Europe and North America reported a big uptick in infections. World By Vivian Wang, Donald G. McNeil Jr., Farnaz Fassihi and Steven Lee Myers from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: W.H.O. Team Heads to Wuhan as Its Leader Warns Africa

The World Health Organization’s director general said its experts were traveling to the heart of the epidemic, and told African leaders to prepare for the outbreak’s global spread. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

Shadowy Church Is at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak in South Korea

As the country’s infection numbers soar, most cases have been connected to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, which mainstream churches consider a cult. World By Choe Sang-Hun from NYT World

Coronavirus Live Updates: South Korea Reports Second Death From Virus

The number of confirmed cases in the country, many connected to a single church, doubled in just a day. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

What a Party in Japan May Tell Us About the Coronavirus’s Spread

Will the virus spiral beyond China? Public health experts are closely studying cluster cases in other Asian countries. World By Sui-Lee Wee and Makiko Inoue from NYT World

Far-Right Shooting Shatters an Already Fragile Sense of Security in Germany

The attack showed that no part of the country is immune to the potential for violence fueled by anti-immigrant hatred. World By Jack Ewing and Melissa Eddy from NYT World

How Elizabeth Warren’s Camp Is Seeking to Regain the Spotlight

Ms. Warren’s campaign and her allies, convinced her message is being ignored, see a path forward — and they say writing her off would be a mistake. U.S. By ASTEAD W. HERNDON from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

6-Year-Old Held in Mental Health Center for 2 Days Without Mother’s Consent

Under a Florida law called the Baker Act, Nadia King was removed from her Jacksonville elementary school this month after she reportedly had a series of outbursts. U.S. By JOHNNY DIAZ from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

After 5-Month Delay, Ashraf Ghani Is Named Winner of Afghan Election

The long-disputed result was contested by opposition candidates, threatening another crisis just ahead of a potential U.S.-Taliban peace deal. World By MUJIB MASHAL from NYT World

As Afghan Soldier Kills 2 Americans, Peace Talks Forge Ahead

This time when U.S. soldiers are killed by an Afghan, Trump does not call off talks with the Taliban. Is ending the war the only way to end these killings? World By MUJIB MASHAL, KATIE ROGERS, ZABIHULLAH GHAZI and THOMAS GIBBONS-NEFF from NYT World

Huawei Is Winning the Argument in Europe, as the U.S. Fumbles to Develop Alternatives

Germany seems poised to follow Britain in letting the Chinese maker build next-generation networks, despite last appeals from the United States. U.S. By DAVID E. SANGER and DAVID McCABE from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Michael Bloomberg Surges in Poll and Qualifies for Democratic Debate in Las Vegas

After garnering 19 percent support in a national poll, the billionaire will be on the debate stage, where he is certain to be a target of onstage criticism. U.S. By REID J. EPSTEIN from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Facing a Wave of Sex-Abuse Claims, Boy Scouts of America Files for Bankruptcy

The nonprofit group, which counts more than two million youth participants, follows Catholic dioceses and U.S.A. Gymnastics in seeking bankruptcy protection amid sex-abuse cases. U.S. By MIKE BAKER from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Coronavirus Live Updates: Disease Is Roughly 20 Times Deadlier Than Seasonal Flu

Official figures from China suggest that the disease caused by the coronavirus has a fatality rate of at least 2.3 percent. In contrast, the flu’s fatality rate in the United States is 0.1 percent. World By Unknown Author from NYT World

As Homelessness Plagues Los Angeles, Success Comes for Veterans

In California’s biggest city, a nearly 400-acre campus with new housing represents one of the country’s most ambitious plans to address veteran homelessness. U.S. By JENNIFER STEINHAUER from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Boris Johnson Aide Quits After Furor Over Racial Comments

The resignation came after silence from Downing Street about an adviser who once said blacks have lower IQs than whites. World By STEPHEN CASTLE from NYT World

Bloomberg Campaign Opens First Attack on a Democratic Rival: Bernie Sanders

Michael R. Bloomberg’s campaign mounted a direct offensive against a Democratic opponent for the first time, as Bernie Sanders shot back by accusing the billionaire of trying to buy the presidency. U.S. By THOMAS KAPLAN, KATE CONGER and REID J. EPSTEIN from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Cambodia’s Coronavirus Complacency May Exact a Global Toll

After a cruise ship docked in Cambodia, passengers streamed off the ship, maskless, and fears are rising that the country could become a vector of transmission. World By HANNAH BEECH from NYT World

Bolton Hints at Further Revelations if He Overcomes White House ‘Censorship’

In his first public appearance since the impeachment trial, the president’s former national security adviser said he was fighting efforts to suppress his unpublished book. U.S. By PETER BAKER from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

How China Tracked Detainees and Their Families

A leaked government document shows how people were monitored and selected for internment camps in Xinjiang. World By AUSTIN RAMZY from NYT World

Young, Conservative and Working for Trump? The Dating Pool Is Small

Washington’s highly politicized culture can be brutal on dating life. For Trump aides, one solution is to find love with each other. U.S. By KATIE ROGERS from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Young Somalis Step in Where Government Fails

In a country that has endured three decades of chaos — from extremist attacks and environmental crises — the responders, medics, road-builders and educators are often not government workers, but young volunteers. World By ABDI LATIF DAHIR from NYT World

Virginia Legislature Turns Down Ban on Military-Style Weapons

A Virginia State Senate committee rejected a proposal to ban assault-style rifles, showing the limits of Democratic efforts to impose restrictive gun-control laws. U.S. By TIMOTHY WILLIAMS from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

U.S. Accuses Harvard Scientist of Concealing Chinese Funding

Prosecutors say Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, lied about contacts with a Chinese state-run initiative that seeks to draw foreign-educated talent. U.S. By ELLEN BARRY from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Michael Bloomberg’s History of Demeaning Comments About Women

As Michael Bloomberg prepares a presidential run, his history of crude remarks is likely to draw scrutiny. His team said some were “disrespectful.” U.S. By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times

Coronavirus Empties European Cities of Chinese Tourists

Hotels, stores and destinations across the Continent have come to rely on visitors from China. Quarantine measures have changed all that. World By NORIMITSU ONISHI from NYT World

Democrats Look Ahead From Nevada and See a Common Enemy: Bloomberg

The presidential candidates worked to sell their pitches to the state’s caucusgoers on Sunday, but also ripped into the billionaire they will soon face in the Super Tuesday contests on March 3. U.S. By REBECCA R. RUIZ and TRIP GABRIEL from NYT U.S. Read More on NY Times