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Ethiopia’s War Leads to Ethnic Cleansing in Tigray Region, U.S. Report Says

An internal U.S. government report found that people in Tigray are being driven from their homes in a war begun by Ethiopia, an American ally — posing President Biden’s first major test in Africa. World By Declan Walsh from NYT World

Aging Beer in a Sunken Ship Sounded Like a Good Idea. Thieves Thought So Too.

Local brewers in Mar del Plata, Argentina, spent months trying to make a unique brew by aging a dark ale 66 feet underwater. Then the barrels went missing, setting off a whodunit. World By Daniel Politi from NYT World

A Harvard Professor Called Wartime Sex Slaves ‘Prostitutes.’ One Pushed Back.

The professor was widely criticized for writing that the women served Japanese troops willingly during World War II. A Korean survivor called the uproar a “blessing in disguise.” World By Youmi Kim and Mike Ives from NYT World

Germans Clamor for Covid Vaccines, but Shun AstraZeneca’s Offering

Hundreds of thousands of AstraZeneca doses are sitting unopened as many Germans reject the vaccine over fears it is “second-class” compared to the one developed by BioNTech and Pfizer. World By Melissa Eddy from NYT World

Is ‘Avalanche’ the Answer to a 62-Year-Old Russian Mystery Over 9 Deaths?

Was it U.F.O.s? Yeti? The K.G.B.? The riddle of who or what killed nine young hikers has inspired conspiracy theories for decades. Two scientists now say a natural disaster may be to blame. World By Ivan Nechepurenko and Alan Yuhas from NYT World

Fauci expects Americans could still need to wear face masks in 2022.

World By Abby Goodnough from NYT World

Japanese Student Forced to Dye Her Hair Black Wins, and Loses, in Court

In a split ruling, a court in Osaka ordered the school to pay some damages for emotional distress, but it said the rule that students’ hair must be black did not violate regulations. World By Tiffany May from NYT World

Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Violated Libya Arms Embargo, U.N. Report Says

Mr. Prince offered to supply weapons, drones and mercenaries to a Libyan militia commander seeking to overthrow the government, according to U.N. investigators. World By Declan Walsh from NYT World

As Israel Reopens, ‘Whoever Does Not Get Vaccinated Will Be Left Behind’

New government and business initiatives are moving in the direction of a two-tier system for the vaccinated and unvaccinated, raising legal, moral and ethical questions. World By Isabel Kershner from NYT World

They Thought, Why Not Iran? The Decision Upended Their Lives.

An Iranian-American couple’s relocation to Iran after their daughters went off to college in the United States was a mistake paid for in accusations of spying, murky prosecution and prison. World By Farnaz Fassihi from NYT World

Walking (and Skating) on Thin Ice, Some in Europe Paid the Price

Temperatures that had not been seen in years brought out the playful side of people across the continent. A few who took to icy canals and ponds needed rescuing. World By Elian Peltier and Claire Moses from NYT World

In Videos, Dubai Princess Says She Is a ‘Hostage’

Sheikha Latifa, who drew headlines in 2018 when she unsuccessfully sought to flee her country, says she has been held in a virtual prison since her forced return. World By Vivian Yee from NYT World

Prince Harry and His Wife, Meghan, Expecting Second Child

The development is a joyful bit of news after a turbulent year in which the couple broke away from the British royal family, started new lives in California and suffered a miscarriage. World By Mark Landler from NYT World

‘What’s the Point?’ Young People’s Despair Deepens as Covid-19 Crisis Drags On

Experts paint a grim picture of the struggle with lockdown isolation — a “mental health pandemic” that should be treated as seriously as containing the coronavirus. World By Isabella Kwai and Elian Peltier from NYT World

Prince Harry and His Wife, Meghan, Expecting Second Child

The development is a joyful bit of news after a turbulent year in which the couple broke away from the British royal family, started new lives in California and suffered a miscarriage. World By Mark Landler from NYT World

A Closed Border Can’t Stop This Elderly Couple: ‘Love Is the Best Thing in the World’

The coronavirus crisis has separated families and severed supply chains. But a pair of lovers, 89 and 85, have found a romantic way to keep (almost) in touch. World By Patrick Kingsley from NYT World

U.K. Virus Variant Is Probably Deadlier, Scientists Say

New research finds that the British variant is “likely” to be linked to a higher risk of hospitalization and death, laying bare the danger facing countries that ease restrictions. World By Benjamin Mueller and Carl Zimmer from NYT World

On W.H.O. Trip, China Refused to Hand Over Important Data

The information could be key to determining how and when the outbreak started, and to learning how to prevent future pandemics. World By Javier C. Hernández and James Gorman from NYT World

Powerful Quake Hits Japan, Evoking a Worrisome Memory

The epicenter of the quake was off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, the site of a massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011 that killed thousands and caused meltdowns at a nuclear plant. World By Motoko Rich from NYT World

53 Tons of Rotting Pork and Other Brexit Nightmares

With Britain out of the European Union, companies that trade with the continent are contending with expensive disruptions to their businesses and a plunge in exports. World By Peter S. Goodman, Stephen Castle and Eshe Nelson from NYT World

Canadians to American Tourists: (Please) Stay Away!

The Canadian tourism industry is reeling, but pandemic-weary Canadians show little desire to open the borders. World By Dan Bilefsky from NYT World

Tokyo Olympics Chief Resigns Over Sexist Comments

Yoshiro Mori, a former Japanese prime minister, had complained that women caused meetings to run long by talking too much. His exit could further complicate the delayed Games. World By Motoko Rich from NYT World

A French Nun Turns 117 After Knocking Down Covid-19

Sister André was expected to celebrate her victory against the virus and her birthday on Thursday with a feast, and a glass of Champagne. World By Elian Peltier from NYT World

A Glimpse of a Bygone Life on Scottish Islands, Plucked From the Trash

Hundreds of pictures taken decades ago in the Shetland Islands, off northern Scotland, were saved from being thrown away. Now, they are finding new life online. World By Megan Specia from NYT World

Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So

Politicians and prominent intellectuals say social theories from the United States on race, gender and post-colonialism are a threat to French identity and the French republic. World By Norimitsu Onishi from NYT World

Virus Hastens Exit from Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Community

Nationwide lockdowns and school closings have broken routines and left ultra-Orthodox Jews time for questioning and self-discovery. Some found the examined life worth leaving. World By Isabel Kershner from NYT World

France’s Latest Covid Measure: Letting Workers Eat at Their Desks

The coronavirus pandemic has already upended eating habits in a country where the table is a sacred space. Now it is taking its toll on a symbol of work-life balance. World By Roger Cohen from NYT World

South Africa says AstraZeneca’s vaccine is not very effective at stopping a variant from causing illness.

World By Benjamin Mueller, Rebecca Robbins and Lynsey Chutel from NYT World

Haiti Braces for Unrest as a Defiant President Refuses to Step Down

Haiti is “on the verge of explosion,” with many accusing the government of supporting gangs to stay in power as a constitutional crisis looms. World By Harold Isaac, Andre Paultre and Maria Abi-Habib from NYT World

Israel’s Vaccination Results Point a Way Out of Virus Pandemic

Covid cases fell dramatically and quickly among people who were vaccinated, Israeli studies found. It’s the strongest evidence yet that a robust vaccination program can tame the pandemic. World By Isabel Kershner and Carl Zimmer from NYT World

Woman, 95, Indicted on 10,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder in Nazi Camp

German prosecutors indicted the woman, who once worked as a secretary to the commander of the Stutthof concentration camp, after a five-year investigation. World By Christopher F. Schuetze from NYT World

A ‘Masculinity Crisis’? China Says the Boys Are Not All Right

The Education Ministry plans to beef up gym classes after a top official said female teachers and pop culture had made boys “weak, inferior and timid.” World By Tiffany May from NYT World

One Case, Total Lockdown: Australia’s Lessons for a Pandemic World

The country’s short, sharp responses have repeatedly subdued the virus and allowed a return to near normalcy. Now its model is being applied to Perth, its fourth-largest city. World By Damien Cave from NYT World

Myanmar’s Leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Is Detained Amid Coup

Communications were suspended and flights disrupted as the military took power from an elected government and declared a one-year state of emergency. World By Hannah Beech from NYT World